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We are creative. Dominican Academy students enjoy a well-rounded arts program, including required Dance, Music, and Drama classes, with opportunities to take advanced electives in each. In addition to required coursework, students can opt to take Intro to Art History, AP Art History, and Sketching as electives.

Interested students can also pursue their artistic interests through clubs and activities include D.A. Coffeehouse, Dance Club, Drama Club, Glee Club, Literary Journal and Museum Club. In addition, students can participate in the D.A. Playhouse, a student-run dramatic production that takes place in the Spring.

Sketching at The Frick: D.A. students have the opportunity to learn alongside the Great Masters at the Frick Collection. The Frick, located a mere two blocks from the school, is one of the pre-eminent art museums in the United States and houses paintings by world-renowned artists. Interested students in all grades attend sketching classes on-site at the museum. Student work is on display at the Frick at the end of the school year.

Dance: All students take dance classes to fulfill their physical education requirement for all four years. Weekly classes, taught by a professional dancer, cover fundamental modern dance technique with a focus on body awareness. The course includes an overview of the muscular and skeletal structure of the human anatomy, an introduction to Yoga and Pilates, and a survey of all major dance styles including modern, ballet, jazz, and ballroom.

Music: Activities include basic theory, movement, and singing, conducting, composing and exploring a variety of musical genres taking examples from musical comedies, popular and western classical music. Students will engage in research, presentation and performance of the artists, styles and compositions studied in class.


Drama: Students will learn public speaking techniques, theater games, scene study, monologues, dialogues and plays. The course culminates in a competitive performance of a one-act play or scene from a musical comedy.



A Haven for the Arts

Drama students play a theatre game.

Arts Department Chair and Dance Teacher, Eleanor Bunker.

Drama and Music Teacher, Gwyneth Mooney prepares for class.

Drama Club rehearsal for "Little Women," Spring 2020

Sketching at the Frick

Museum Club enjoys a tour by Mrs. Salfeld at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Liturgical Dancers rehearse for their Christmas performance.

Liturgical Dancers rehearse for their Christmas performance.

Glee Club during their annual performance at the New York Athletic Club.

The D.A. Coffeehouse, Spring 2020.