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Summer Camp Suggestions

The following is information on summer sports camps. These are not mandatory nor endorsed by Dominican Academy. The information is being shared to encourage student athletes to hone their particular sport skills and stay active during the summer. Also listed is suggested conditioning for soccer, volleyball and cross country for student athletes who are trying out for these sports in the fall.

  • Dominican Academy offers a free soccer clinic during the summer to prepare for tryouts. The clinic is not a requirement for tryouts nor does attendance guarantee you a spot on the team. To register for the soccer clinic, please use this link. The clinic is held at Randall's Island and the dates/fields are as follows: 
    • Monday, August 12, 4-6 pm, Wards Meadow Fields, #74
    • Tuesday, August 13, 4-6 pm, Wards Meadow Fields, #75
    • Wednesday, August 14, 4-6 pm, Wards Meadow Fields, #75
    • Thursday, August 15, 4-6 pm, Wards Meadow Fields, #72
  • Suggested soccer summer conditioning: Please click here

Soccer Camps:

  • Dominican Academy will offer a conditioning and skills building course taught by Coach Regena Reyes, who is a certified personal trainer and also our D.A. volleyball coach. This is open to all students. Student athletes may register for either conditioning or skills building, or both. Space is limited; first come, first served. Please use this link to register. This course is not a requirement for tryouts nor does attendance guarantee you a spot on the team.
    • Dates: Tuesdays, August 6 and 13 and Thursdays, August 8 and 15
    • Time: 4-5pm - Conditioning; 5-6 pm - Skills Building                        
    • Location: Gym at St. John's, 406 East 67th St. (between First and York Avenues).
    • Cost: $100 for each course ($200 for both conditioning and skills building)
  • Suggested volleyball summer conditioning: Please click here

Volleyball Camps:

  • This year, all interested volleyball players are encouraged to attend the Fordham University Varsity Team Camp, July 12-14. This is an opportunity for the players to hone their skills. Although attendance is not mandatory (nor does it guarantee a spot on the team), it is strongly encouraged that interested players attend. Please use this link to register directly for the camp.
  • West Point Volleyball Camp

Cross Country:

  • Suggested cross country summer conditioning: Please click here.


  • Coach FL Jack Basketball Camp - Syracuse. For more information, email Steven Gilbert at
  • Barry University Women’s Basketball Elite Camp
  • NYU Basketball Camp
  • Jen Teague Softball Camp
General Sports Camp: