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At Dominican Academy, excellence extends beyond the classroom into the court, field and pool. Over 40% of our students participate in athletics as members of our varsity teams. We are a member of the Catholic High School Athletic Association (CHSAA) of the Archdiocese of New York.  

Mission Statement
The mission of the Dominican Academy Athletic Department is to create a dynamic environment that promotes competitiveness, spirituality, teamwork and self-discipline. We strive to provide a quality experience for all student-athletes in the Roman Catholic tradition and in keeping with our school’s mission, we see athletics as another way to “build community” and “make a meaningful contribution.” We are committed to building character, developing responsibility, and promoting integrity and honor, which will become lifelong traits. We believe student-athletes at Dominican Academy will benefit from the life lessons athletic competition offers and therefore are committed to providing this opportunity to our student body. 

Contact Mrs. Annie Sullivan, P’20, Athletic Director, by clicking here.

Sports for the 2023-2024 academic year include: 

FALL: Soccer, Volleyball, Cross Country, SwimIntramural Tennis

WINTER: Basketball, Indoor Track 

SPRING: Outdoor Track, Softball


Health/Registration Requirements: 

Any new or returning student who wishes to participate in D.A. Athletics must fulfill the following requirements: 

  • Athletic Registration Form: Required for all new and returning student-athletes. This must be completed and submitted before try-outs. Students who have not completed this form by the registration deadline will be unable to participate in try-outs. Click here for the registration form. This form requires the following documentation:

    • Annual Health Exam: All students who wish to participate in D.A athletics, including tryouts, need to have a health exam every 12 months. The annual health exam should be documented by the student’s healthcare provider and state that she is medically fit to participate in athletics without restrictions. Students who have not had a documented health exam within the last 12 months are not permitted to participate in school sports, including tryouts, until a new health exam has been completed. Click here for the Annual Health Examination Form.

    • Interval Health History Form: Required for all student-athletes. This must be completed by a parent/guardian no sooner than 30 days prior to the first try-out. Failure to do so will result in the student being unable to participate in any athletic activities. If a student has already participated in a sport, but is trying out for another sport in a different season, the 30-day Interval Health History Form must be completed and submitted again for the new season. Check here for the Interval Health History Form.


Athletic Awards

2023 CHSAANY Varsity Champions 
2019 CHSAANY Varsity Champions
2018 Preston Invitational - 2nd Place
2016 CHSAANY Varsity Champions
2023 State A Champions
2023 CHSAANY Varsity Champions
2022 Dominican Cup Champions
2019 CHSAANY Varsity Champions
2018 CHSAANY Intersectional Finalist
2017 CHSAANY Intersectional Finalist
2022-2023 CHSAANY Varsity Champions
2022 Tier 4 City Finalist
2020 CHSAANY Varsity City Finalist
2019 CHSAANY Varsity - 2nd Place
2023 NYCHSAA Sophomore Girls Champions
2023 New York State Federation Championship-Two Qualifying Runners 
2021 NY Girls Sophomore - 3rd Place
2021 Brooklyn & NY Freshmen Girls - 3rd Place City
2020 CHSAANY Girls’ Cross Country Freshman Runner Up
2020 CHSAANY Girls’ Cross Country Intersectional Sophomore - 3rd Place
2020 CHSAANY Girls’ Cross Country Sophomore Runner Up
2018 CHSAANY Girls’ Cross Country Sophomore Champions
2023 CHSAANY Varsity Champions
Coach Kristin Karabees - 2022 Vinny Harkin Coach of the Year Award