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Virtual Shadow Day

Imagine yourself in the day of a D.A. freshman. We're walking through your schedule step-by-step. Use the arrows to navigate and explore!

You start your day traveling to school and run into some of your friends along the way.

Mrs. McMahon and the beautiful red stairs greet you as you come through the door. Time to head to your locker!

It’s 8 AM--you run into some friends when you drop your stuff at your locker. You review for a quiz you have later today.

You hear the first bell--it’s 8:15 AM and you head to your first class, Theology with Ms. Daly. You reflect on a chapter you were assigned for homework leading up to your Urban Plunge service day next week. You can’t wait!

You change out of your dance clothes and head to Biology. Dr. Serpagli, the freshman biology teacher, has an experiment ready to go in the lab. You and your lab partners jump right in! 

At 10:45, the bell rings. You head to your homeroom for announcements and go to your locker to prepare for your afternoon classes. 

During homeroom, you drop in for office hours with Ms. McCann. You love that it’s so easy to see your teachers and ask them questions. 

It’s lunch time! You can’t wait to see what our lovely Italian lunch ladies have prepared for today’s lunch. Sometimes you bring lunch from home, but today your favorite lunch is on the menu!

After lunch, you’re ready for English class. Instead of discussing novels, short stories, and poetry with freshman English teacher, Ms. Spelman, you have a quiz. Good thing you’re prepared!

Salvete omnes ("Hello, everyone")! It’s time for Latin with Ms. Cerulli. Today, you’re practicing your spoken Latin--something you never thought you’d be able to do! Ms. Cerulli leads you through some phrases. 

Before you go home for the day, you have a club meeting. You review the details for an upcoming event with your friends. 

Done for the day! It’s time to head home. You can’t wait to come back tomorrow!