Departments & Courses

At Dominican Academy, we place a high priority on intellectual curiosity and advancement. To that end, all courses are either Honors or Advanced Placement level.
All courses listed below are offered for the upcoming year; remember that courses will only run based on student interest and availability. Please review your student handbook or speak with your Guidance Counselor if you have questions.

Required Coursework to qualify for graduation from Dominican Academy:

English, 4 credits
History & Social Sciences, 4 credits
Language, 4 credits total (2 credits minimum of Latin, 2 credits minimum of a Modern Language--French, Spanish, or Mandarin)
Theology, 4 credits
STEM (Science, Mathematics, Health, Library Research & Technology, and STEM Electives), 8 1/4 credits total
Dance (weekly for 4 years), 1 credit
Music and Drama, 1 credit
Guidance (weekly for 4 years), no credit