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Departments & Courses

Dominican Academy is an all Honors college preparatory high school. All courses are Honors or Advanced Placement (AP).

In order to graduate from Dominican Academy, students must successfully complete at least 26 1/2 credits of coursework as outlined below:
English: 4 credits
History: 4 credits
STEM: 6 1/2 credits 
The Arts:  2 credits
Theology: 4 credits
World Languages: 4 credits (minimum 2 years Latin)
Electives: 2 credits

Advanced Placement (AP)

AP courses must meet a set enrollment number. Rosters will be determined by ranking students. All students enrolled in AP courses are required to prepare for and take the AP exam in May. There is a testing fee for each AP exam and additional book costs for some courses.

Course Offerings

Offerings for 2024-2025 school year by grade

Dr. Lauren Serpagli, STEM Co-Chair

Dr. Serpagli is the freshmen class coordinator. She also moderates the National Honor Society and the Pre-Med Society.

Dr. Michael Cagney, Theology Chair

In addition to teaching, Dr. Cagney spearheads JAXPO , the Junior Advocacy Exposition Program. The exposition is a culminating project for the third year of our Service Learning Program.

Teacher wearing COVID face shield calls on student during class.

Sr. Joan Franks, OP,  '59, World Languages 

Sr. Joan, a proud member of D.A.'s Class of 1959, teaches French. The World Languages curriculum develops reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills with a strong emphasis on culture.

Ms. Ashley Rossi, History

In addition to teaching, Ms. Ashley Rossi moderates the Psychology Club and D.A.'s Mock Trial team.

Ms. Eleanor Bunker, Arts Chair

Ms. Eleanor Bunker teaches Dance at every grade level. She also works as the moderator for Dance Club and Liturgical Dance.