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Dominican Academy Logo. Catholic College Preparatory School for Girls

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The D.A. Difference

The D.A. Difference lies in much more than academics. We are proud to be the only all-honors school in NYS and to send 100% of our graduates to top-tier colleges and universities every year; however, community, love, and faith are what define the D.A. experience. A dedicated faculty and staff works tirelessly to facilitate students' success. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and experiences to form a community of motivated and compassionate leaders, who want to make a positive change in our world. And our network of alumnae, donors, and friends remains committed to D.A.'s continued success. We hope you enjoy this snapshot of what makes D.A. one of the top schools in the city and the nation!

A community built on love and faith

Fostering compassionate and informed leaders

Nurturing our students' creative spirits

Paving the way for women in STEM

Learning from the past to shape the future

Expanding horizons through language