Academic & Wellness Counseling

In Freshman and Sophomore year, guidance focuses on the adjustment to high school, time management, and work habits. In the Junior and Senior years, guidance classes focus almost exclusively on college preparation and placement. Each student works closely with her guidance counselor in weekly meetings to set goals for her future studies.

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4 Year Guidance Overview

Grade 9

Guidance I

First Year Guidance is designed to provide students with an orientation to High School; provide continual monitoring of academic progress and facilitate a process of understanding of oneself and others. To provide for an opportunity to identify academics skill and relationships, ninth graders have a weekly Guidance Class as well as individual time with a counselor.

First year students take an assessment inventory test in the Fall Semester. Presently this test is a preliminary test to the ACT exam. This level test is called PLAN. The score indicates academic achievement levels and help identify academic areas in need of improvement at this grade level. Scores are usually available in December.

Grade 10

Guidance II

Second Year Guidance continues the process of facilitation of academic and interpersonal development through a weekly class and an opportunity for individual time with the counselor. The specific Guidance Class provides more of an informal opportunity for group conversation and support as well as small group intervention for enhancing student support, setting direction, making decisions to set priorities and taking appropriate action toward achieving goals.

Second year students take the PSAT or PACT in the Fall semester as a practice test. Presently this test is a preliminary SAT Exam, which is required in the third year of high school. Scores are usually available in December.

Grade 11

Guidance III

This course provides preparation for the analysis of the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT). It focuses on career education particularly through knowledge of college programs and degrees, training in the use of college directories, the College Board Scholastic Aptitude Test and Achievement Tests. The use of the Internet in all these areas will be integrated. Developmental issues and interpersonal skills will be addressed. Individual visits with the counselor will help to prepare a suggested college list that students may plan to apply and visit.

Juniors will take PSAT in the Fall Semester and subsequently take the SAT and/or ACT in the Spring Semester of their junior year.

Grade 12

Guidance IV

Senior Guidance Class treats the college admission process in detail. Students become familiar with a typical application, practice their essay writing, and learn to use Internet resources for colleges, evaluate their college choice, learn interviewing skills and develop a strategy for college application. The class offers a review of the academic and personal criteria colleges consider most strongly in evaluating applicants for admissions. There will also be assistance in selecting an academic institution that will inspire a meaningful, rewarding and successful future.

Seniors may continue to take the SAT or ACT in the Fall term of their senior year.