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President's Welcome

We trust and believe in what we love.            - St. Catherine of Siena

July 1, 2022

Dear Friends,

Growing up I moved frequently, never staying in one place for more than a few years. It was an extraordinarily interesting life, but all the fascinating and curious experiences and encounters came with a price. Transition is always fraught with challenges, as well as thrilling opportunities. With every exciting encounter, there is trepidation along with learning to navigate and orient oneself to each new situation. As I look back, what was always fundamental in every move was the embrace of community that made me trust and believe in where the Holy Spirit was guiding my life, that I was loved.

Today, I look ahead as I begin my first official day at Dominican Academy, much of what I have described is what I am feeling at this moment. There is enormous awe, humility, and responsibility to be named the first lay president of this incredible school with its rich history of academic excellence and solid foundation in our Catholic faith. I am also filled with tremendous joy and hope for the promise of continuing to build upon the mission and charism of the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

Since January, I have had the great privilege of working with Sister Margaret Ormond, O.P.  Sister Margaret has been a wonderfully gentle and caring mentor, reminding us of the importance of God’s presence in our lives as reflected in our relationships as a community. I am excited to renew relationships as well as cultivate new ones with our D.A. community. Sister Margaret leaves us strong and well positioned to explore and implement new possibilities and opportunities in the coming years. I know that we are all so very grateful for all that she has accomplished for Dominican Academy.

I look forward to meeting you in the coming months and thanking you personally for helping to keep our four pillars of study, community, service, and prayer a vibrant part of our mission. Our pillars and our mission shape the minds and hearts of all who love Dominican Academy. With the care and commitment of so many, a D.A. education is an education that guides our students towards choosing a life of compassion and responsibility, while making the world a better and more peaceful place. I am humbled and blessed to begin this journey together with you.

I feel welcomed. I feel I belong. I feel at home. I feel loved. This is what I wish for every student, alum, family, friend, faculty, and staff member to feel at D.A.

Please keep Dominican Academy in your prayers and be assured of our prayers for you every day.

Peace and all good,

Alexandria M. Egler, Ph.D., P’10

Photo of Dr. Alexandria Egler, P '10, President of D.A.