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Dominican Academy Logo. Catholic College Preparatory School for Girls

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Dominican Mission

Mission Statement: Dominican Academy, a Catholic secondary school for young women, is dedicated to academic excellence and community building through study, prayer, and action. In the tradition of St. Dominic, our intellectual and spiritual program guides and challenges students to seek truth and justice in their world and to make meaningful contributions to society.

Dominican Academy Pledge: "In the Dominican tradition, I pledge to search for truth through study, work to create a caring community, reach out to others by preaching and just actions, and enfold my life in prayer."

Dominican Academy is sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Dominican Sisters of Peace are vowed Catholic Sisters who strive to live a life of peace-making. Building upon the teachings of the Gospel and the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, Dominican Sisters work to build a more peaceful world through ministries, prayer, and way of life. In the Dominican tradition, prayer, community, ministry, and study are at the heart of the order's vocation. Click here to learn more.


close zoom of a pale yellow stained glass window with traditional crests